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Small Group Training with high focus


When you are in a group you have encouragement

Group training is a way to make sure you stay motivated.

Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists provide so much more than Personal Trainers. With years of training the Sage Active Clinic Exercise Physiologist is totally focused on your well being and making sure you progress at apace suited just for you.

Sage Active Clinic will help you achieve a healthier and better lifestyle in a safe , hygienic and friendly environment, no matter what shape you are in, your age or fitness levels are.

Physical activity designed just for you whether you are recovering from injury, surgery or a chronic health condition you can be confident in the exeprtise and training of our highly qualified allied health professionals.

Sage Active will assist you to live life to the fullest whether that means playing with your children or grandchildren, playing golf, tennis or bowls or just enjoying life in general.

Small group classes with specific focus for anyone looking to improve their health and fitness including seniors, and people with chronic conditions, Mums, pre and postpartum, elite sports people., general fitness or strength conditioning and pain management.

 We’re devoted to your health, not just today, but for years to come, so you can live life to the fullest.

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Because an Exercise Physiologist has many years of University study and has been subject to over 500 hours of placements in clinical settings. They prescribe the right exercise for each condition and stage you may be at.

Many people experience serious injury in gyms and even whilst training with a personal trainer who often have not got the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to keep the exercise safe and efficient.

Exercise Physiologists are better trained than any other Allied Health practitioner to prescribe and supervise appropriate and safe exercise for most all age groups and health conditions.

Being supervised in these group training sessions by an Exercise Physiologist is a much safer environment to train in.

Exercise Physiologists, unlike personal trainers are accredited to prescribe exercise for chronic illness and injury in particular for people over 40 years of age with any health condition.

Regular checking of your progress using the InBody 770 in conjunction with your medical professional ensures a smooth progression of your program with the goal of an improved lifestyle.

The Sage Active Clinic low cost group training sessions means that you can attend more than once a week if you are able.

We also ensure that in conjunction with your medical doctor, our Exercise Physiologist prescribes the approved number of sessions you can participate in… depending on your circumstances.

Some of our services qualify for private health fund rebates, Medicare, NDIS, TAC and WorkSafe.
Conditions May Apply….

We work in conjunction with, podiatrists, medical practitioners, chiropractors, dietitians, physiotherapist, osteopaths and other associated allied health professionals.

We also have Myotherapists that work very effectively in collaboration with our Exercise Physiologists.

Diet is an important factor in keeping fit and healthy along with the right exercise. Chronic disease management and prevention relies on you eating healthy food in appropriate portions.

Over eating and the consumption of large quantities of alcohol and / or sugar laden drinks may lead to many illnesses including type 2 diabetes, cancer and coronary heart disease.

Many of our clients as Sage Active Clinic are formal exercise participants for the first time. No one feels out of place in the Sage Active Clinic as we train people of all ages and fitness levels.

Each week we should all do some form of activity and working with an Exercise Physiologist gives you the best chance of starting out in a way that minimises any chance of injury at your won pace with just a little encouragement.

We work along side you giving you the tools and resources for all your injuries or fitness needs.

Sage Active Clinic also has a fully accredited Myotherapist at the clinic who works hand in hand with the Exercise Physiologists and  Scientists to help you and your muscles throughout your time at Sage. This is in addition to all the other allied health professionals we have partnerships with.

Sage Active Clinic works with you at your pace and ensures you progress at a pace just right for your conditions and capability. Your success will largely depend on your ability to attend on a regular basis. Once our participants have experienced the benefits of regular clinical exercise they stay with us for years.

Testimonials by our clients are always the best indication of success. People who persist, will have success and improve and many of our clients after their condition improves continue to come to Sage  Active Clinic because their lifestyle and health has been enhanced so much.

At Sage Active Clinic we are pleased to have a success rate well above %80. You can read our clients testimonials here.

Training in a group has definite advantages.

Determination and consistency are key to success

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