About Us

What Sage Active Clinic means to you.

Sage Active Clinic programs will assist you to lose weight, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions including injury.

Sage Active Clinic has highly qualified Exercise Physiologists that will prescribe exercises specifically for you and your particular condition.

All these exercises are backed up by scientific and medical research and your progress will be laid out in easy to read treatment notes that you can share with your doctor.

Your Personal Training or Group Exercise classes are led by Sage Exercise Scientists or Exercise Physiologists, who have studied for years to obtain university qualifications.

The Sage Active coaching sessions are backed by scientific and medical research with your progress laid out in easy to read progress reports.

The Sage Active Clinic InBody scans provide a detailed way to monitor the effectiveness of your training and the overall progress of your health and well-being.
Understanding your current physical capabilities allows the Sage Active Clinic  Exercise physiologists to prescribe the right exercises for you at just the right intensity.
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What we do

Sage Active Clinic’s mission is to manage, improve and maintain your lifestyle, health and well-being.

Sage Active Allied Health clinics provide Physical Exercise and Manipulation Therapy services
designed to cater for clients that have special needs that can’t be safely and effectively met by the
traditional Fitness Industry.

While many of these clients have found safe and effective relief and
rehabilitation using the services of other Allied Health services, Sage Active provides a further
affordable whole of life solution to their physical therapy needs.

Sage Active Clinics specialise in neck and shoulder pain conditions. We will help in improving and reducing pain and discomfort as well as helping with 
many other chronic conditions.

This also includes but is not limited to: Cardiovascular disease, Pulmonary disease, Metabolic disease, Neurological disease, Musculoskeletal disease (including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues), Prenatal and postpartum
conditions, Depression and other mental health conditions and Cancer.

The Sage Active Clinic Exercise Physiologists and Myotherapists as well as our Exercise Scientists
prescribe safe, proven and effective tailored exercises and hands on manual therapy through massage to help reach the best possible lifestyle for our clients.

Our services include one on one consultations with the Sage Active Clinic practitioners as well as a range of small group classes
designed to cater for clients to keep them fit and healthy for many years to come..

Our Purpose

We use scientific evidence based testing and measuring protocols to establish each client’s initial fitness level in order to prescribe safe and effective therapy and quantify progress.

Using these protocols under the guidance of highly educated and ESSA industry accredited practitioners, clients become motivated to achieve their health and well-being goals through sustainable lifestyle choices.

Sage Active Clinic evolves the health and well-being of clients not only through a Exercise Physiology and Myotherapy, but also  where necessary, in collaboration with a range of other medical and allied health professionals.

What we are and what we are not

Our commitment to you.

Sage Active Clinic is not a ‘Gym’ or even ‘a Personal Training Studio’. It is a place where you’ll receive the latest evidence and research based exercise therapy and a safe program prescribed just for you.

Sage Active Clinic Exercise Physiologists are more highly qualified than a Personal Trainer having spent a minimum of four full time  years at university plus 500 hour of practical experience to get their qualification and accreditation.

All Sage Active Clinic Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists are members of Exercise & Sports Science Australia. Personal Trainers are not required by law to have any formal qualification..

Exercise Physiologists and Scientists together with Myotherapists who all work within their scope of practice to ensure you maintain your health, well-being, lifestyle and fitness goals safely and efficiently.

Our aim is to make you the best version of yourself

We can and will do it together

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