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A scientific, evidence based approach to health and well-being

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Your health will naturally improve when you have a good strategy in place for improving your health and well-being.

Showing you how to exercise correctly and safely is the best way to get you moving more.

An Exercise Physiologist is a practitioner with the ability to directly connect and relate evidence based research back to the human body’s functions and movements. The difference in the levels of the training of a personal trainer compared to an Exercise Physiologist’s training being a minimum of a four year master’s degree is significant and the knowledge gap is profound.
Personal training is not regulated by government and no formal qualifications are required for someone to become a personal trainer. An Exercise Physiologist can be trusted to operate within their scope of practice and refer you on to another medical practitioner when your health condition requires it.

What is an accredited exercise physiologist?

An accredited Exercise Physiologist assist with a large number of conditions using their qualifications to prescribe the right exercise for your particular needs.

Exercise Physiologists work in hospitals, health services, community health clinics and private practices and deal with injuries, persisting pain, depression, weight management and chronic disease and work with elite sports people and even “weekend warriors” as well.

The benefits of EP's

reduction of fatal heart attack

quicker recovery form cancer treatment

reduces lung disease

reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

assists in combating depression.

helps with reducing the side effects of medication

improves the recovery rate after someone has surgery

reduces pain and increases movement for osteoarthritis sufferers

helps to manage chronic pain and mobility issues

greatly helps with postpartum recovery

Exercise Physiology Sage Active Clinic

The way forward to a healthy lifestyle

Great health is...?

Great health requires much more than a diet or working out in a gym. It requires a strategy that involves many areas, such as diet, sleep, exercise, water, movement, flexibility, stress release, learning to listen to your body and even Myotherapy or massage. All these things add to you living your best life in a healthy way.


The beneficial effects of exercise without great hydration and nutrition are simply not as good and results will not be the same.

The right nutrition and hydration can greatly assist in improving your overall health and well-being.


Without good hydration through drinking water you will not maximise your health and fitness levels.

Drinking the right quantity of water will enhance your energy levels. Hydration is an essential ingredient to good health.


Sleep is a fundamental element of a healthy regime and you will notice your sleep patterns improve when you are under the guidance of an Exercise Physio. During sleep your stressed muscles will recover and grow and at the same time you are burning calories. Eight hours sleep a night is a good place to start.


Exercise designed just for you designed by a qualified Exercise Physiologist is like a prescription from a doctor when you are ill.

No matter what your age or stage in life proper exercise promotes muscle growth, improves range of movement, improves sleep patterns, increases bone density and reduces the effects of many illnesses.

Exercise improves the quality of life of almost everybody that participates.

Just by adding these four essentials to your daily routine you can expect a healthier, lower stress lifestyle which will improve your quality of your life and well-being

Some of the questions that are often asked

Learn more about Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is an allied health modality of discipline that addresses issues caused by physical stress and the assists the restoration of the body’s wear and tear due to repeated exposure to physical activity over time.

Therefore, our ESSA accredited practitioners in exercise physiology have the responsibility to ensure health and fitness to the client / patient taking into consideration awareness of safety issues in association with each type of physical activity and condition. Some of these issues involve the risk of injury, environmental conditioning and exposure, and prior illnesses and disease.

The types of patients vary greatly ranging from patients with common conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression, type 2 diabetes, operations and the rehabilitation of people recovering from injuries.  Illnesses or physical debilitation’s to patients wishing to regain and or improve their overall health or body functions and mobility.

Whilst a personal trainer can be helpful and provide good exercise routines an Exercise Physio can provide so much more in line with your personal health profile and needs. Also many Personal Trainers operate outside of their scope of practice. A four year university training involving a bachelors and master’s degree gives you the ultimate in health care for a similar price.

In many cases, Medibank, TAC, Work Safe, NDIS and many other private health organizations provide rebate facilities

Some clients stay for life and others until their physical ailment is restored. It depends on your goals and aspirations and also to the extent your physical or health challenge requires aid. Exercise is medicine and can be prescribed for many conditions. Some corrective therapy can be quick and over a short period of time and others can be ongoing depending upon your need.

It tends to be less expensive than many other Allied Health professionals charge and in a lot of cases very similar costing to personal training. Exercise Physios also conduct small group sessions which reduces the cost considerably.

If you have private health cover you may be able to claim a rebate as well.

Also for economical treatments some conditions can be treated and supported in class settings to reduce costs?

You are never too old to do exercise.

An Exercise Physio can provide a carefully structured assessment and a treatment and program that can improve these physical challenges and discomforts. Shoulder and neck pain is often best relieved by the combination of Myotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

A proven scientific validated method

When you have tried other methods and failed.