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Jake Holness

SAGE ESSA Registered Coach
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Jake is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist who specialises in Musculoskeletal Injuries, Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation and General Fitness Training, Goal Orientated Fitness, Sports Specific Training and Long Term Care. Jake completed his studies at the University of Melbourne as well as the Australian Catholic University. In addition he undertook studies in neurophysiology and exercise physiology at The University of California, San Diego. Jake currently has his Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology from ACU. Before joining the Sage Active Clinic team, Jake developed skills over a number of years working as a health and wellness trainer in primary schools and with post-natal mothers.

Jake has spent time treating people in the age ranges from 18-78 in particular in the areas of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, rehab/prehab, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. Having a background in personal training Jake is exceptional with exercise prescription and client experience. Jake is a home grown farm boy and since moving to Melbourne in 2011, Jake has established himself as an experienced and professional in Allied Health and Exercise Services.

Jake takes a longevity approach to health and well-being. Growing up on the farm and being a yoga instructor shows a homely but professional nature of Jake. He uses exercise as a tool to empower individuals to improve their health and well-being. Jake’s intention is to help you live a longer, healthier life, free of pain.

Acro-Yoga, Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlons and getting outside in nature keeps Jake busy when he is not helping others. He enjoys heading back home to the countryside to see his family and help his mum in the veggie garden.

“Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted”

Darryl NG

SAGE ESSA Registered Coach
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Daryl is an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise Scientist. He has experience working with a large range of clients in both urban and rural settings, and has a particular interest in musculoskeletal, cardiac, metabolic, respiratory, neurological and mental health issues.

Born in Australia and raised in Singapore with a background of competing in track and field in high school at the national level, Daryl moved back to Australia by himself to begin his studies with the University of Sydney with an exercise and sports science degree at the bachelor level from 2014 to 2017. Working with clinical populations by chance inspired him to take on a master’s degree in exercise physiology from 2017 to 2018. He moved to Melbourne after five years in Sydney in 2019 to expand his horizons further.

Daryl firmly believes in the power of exercise as medicine to address not only physical ailments but managing mental well-being, not only because of the plethora of studies he has combed through, but especially through working with others and his own personal experience. He is immensely passionate about empowering others by sharing his knowledge, driving them to lead more fulfilling lives through intelligent and consistent effort, whether they are apparently healthy or dealing with some form of acute or chronic injury/disability.

Bryanna Armao

SAGE ESSA Registered Coach
Accredited Exercise Scientist

Bryanna is an Accredited Exercise Scientist who is also nearing the completion of her Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. She completed her Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Australian Catholic University in mid-2018.

Bryanna has been fortunate to work along exercise physiologists in ACU exercise clinic programs and also aiding the development of the programs, running both one on one and group setting sessions. This experience Bryanna has gained at ACU has enabled Bryana to gain key skills in the professional allied health environment and makes her an invaluable independent and team player to bring about key results in her clients.

Having experience working with diabetes clients and being involved and working with National Tennis Australia plus ACU’s Future in Youth Program in East Timor. Bryanna has had a diverse range of exposure and experience working with people of both young and mature age. This makes her extremely personable and adaptable to the various needs of clients with varying challenges.

Her attention to detail and to notice the subtle distinctions required in allied health makes her a great practitioner and her commitment to her clients is of the highest standard. Bryanna brings a special touch to our unique and qualified team as she is a wealth of knowledge and also passionate to continue to learn and grow herself. She has a strong desire to excel in the industry and make a difference.

Dominique Kelly

SAGE ESSA Registered Coach
Accredited Exercise Scientist

Dominique is an Accredited Exercise Scientist specialising in working with people who have acute injuries and chronic illnesses. She also has a passion to uphold the standards and integrity of the allied health industry having worked in a medical practice for six years and seeing the varying degrees of debilitation and suffering people go through.

Her compassion for her clients and her commitment to excellence, allows her to go that extra mile to help her clients reach a better standard of living. Dominique has completed her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at the Australian Catholic University Melbourne in November 2017 and commenced her Master of Exercise Physiology early 2019.

Having worked in both areas of healthy and chronically ill or injured populations has given Dominique an amazing holistic approach to her craft. She is always adding to her existing knowledge and training to ensure her clients receive the best possible outcomes. Dominique exudes enthusiasm and is a very outgoing and adaptable person. She is consistent, reliable and has demonstrated abilities in exercise testing and health screening followed up by program design and implementation.

Her thirst to gain the latest, up to date exercise and health knowledge are of the highest caliber. It is this desire, followed by constantly engaging with the latest research that enables her to improve clients’ quality of life and maintain the high standards at Sage Active Clinic.

Nathan Caithness

SAGE ESSA Registered Coach
Accredited Exercise Scientist

Nathan is an Accredited Exercise Scientist with high level communication skills and a passion to see his clients progress into greater health and mobility. Nathan has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science in 2016 at the Australian Catholic University, as well as a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness at Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. Nathan has had over 5 years’ experience in personal training, delivering specific and effective exercise and lifestyle change to a wide variety of clients. Nathan recognised that to be the best for his clients he needed to further his education.

Nathan’s skills in organisation and time management helps him get the best out of his clients by helping them be more organised and manage their time to allow them to commit and succeed to their ongoing health improvement.

Having worked in the gym environment Nathan has worked with a wide range of clientele with various needs and goals, from musculoskeletal rehabilitation, to weight loss, to athletic preparation and chronic disease. Nathan has developed excellent relationships with clients from a diverse range of backgrounds, and is highly supportive throughout a client’s journey to rehabilitation or lifestyle change.

Having worked as a gym instructor at Monash Sport, Monash University Clayton Campus has given Nathan access to other high achieving individuals in the industry and has helped him set high benchmarks for himself and those whom he serves which includes not only his clients but his fellow workers and current employers.

His passion for delivering scientifically supported effective treatments, and attention to detail when prescribing exercise and working with a diverse range of people gives him an edge that sets him apart from other health professionals who may not have the same high commitment to excellence.


Damien Postlethwaite

SAGE Myotherapist / Remedial Massage Therapist
Accredited Myotherapist and Remedial Massage Therapist

Damien is a qualified Myotherapist with over 5 years’ experience in the industry and also a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist delivering a quality and professional service to a wide range of clientele.

Damien also has extensive experience with Remedial Massage Treatment as he has ran his own clinics within a wellness centre and gymnasium. In addition his experience in corrective exercise and customer care gives him a competitive advantage to other therapists as he has a more holistic approach based on the experience and multiple modalities.

His attention to detail and broad health insights makes him a perfect choice for both remedial and
corrective deep tissue work. Why not book now and experience restorative health and

Kadeem Aarons

ESSA Accredited Exercise Scientist

Kadeem Aarons is a qualified ESSA accredited Exercise Scientist who has extensive experience working with a wide range of clients from competitive sports to general health and fitness. His specialties include metabolic, respiratory, musculoskeletal, cardiac and many other varying health issues.

Born in Australia and with a passion for being a Ninja Warrior he completed an exercise and sports science degree at the bachelor level.

Kadeem firmly believes in the value of exercise as medicine to address not only physical ailments but manage mental health and well-being, due to working with others and his own personal experience. He is deeply committed to empower others by sharing his knowledge, and ability inspiring them to greater health, fitness and overall well-being by applying consistent effort, aiding the recovery and improvement of the state of acute or chronic injury/disability.

Frederick Krasey

SAGE Community Relationship Manager
Accredited NLP Practitioner

Frederick Krasey (affectionately known as Freddy) is an accomplished business / life coach, trainer and consultant and has been helping his clients for over 35 years achieve extraordinary results. As Community Relations Manager, his extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and business building gives him a profound understand of holistic success.

His passions in the health industry cause him to be personally committed 5 days a week workouts, including, bike riding, Pilates, gym, swimming, walking and personal development.

He is a qualified NLP practitioner and is versed in other modalities of developmental improvement including Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory and was a National Accredited Mediator and TAE 40110E trainer/assessor. His commitment to the team at Sage Active Clinic is to provide the best advice and support available, to both staff and clients.

He brings great experience from a diverse background and his current pet interest is holistic health, which includes learning about exercise physiology, exercise science, personal training and nutrition.

Robert Hornsey

Qualified InBody 770 Consultant

Robert has over 40 years in the business world which began in the automotive industry, importing, retailing and wholesaling automotive share parts.

He then began working in the fitness industry where he joined forces with AFL Legend Doug Wade to purchase Lifestyle Fitness Centers which became the largest fitness group in Victoria.

Robert was the longest serving member of the Fitness Victoria board in the 1990’s and in 2012 was inducted into the Industry body’s Fitness Industry Roll of Honour.

From the mid 1990’s Robert established and operated vocational education institutes, training many thousands of Personal Trainers under the brands AIF and Sage Institute of Fitness.

Robert is passionate about positive outcomes and changing peoples lives. Having worked in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years, Robert saw the need for facilities for clients that have particular health and fitness challenges, being offered. These include exercise programs and therapy by better qualified professionals that have vastly more expertise than what can be provided by personal trainers from the fitness industry.

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