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Group training with ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Why train and be at risk when you can have a qualified Exercise Physiologist. Small group classes with specific focus for General Population, Seniors, Chronic Conditions, Mums post and prenatal, elite sports people, general fitness and strength conditioning and pain management.

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Group training is a perfect way to feel motivated to stay youthful and to get your life back. Overcoming health challenges like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease is quite common for those attending Sage Active Clinic.

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Clinical group

Clinical group training is provided for those with chronic and debilitating challenges and special needs. These groups are closely monitored and carefully guided with a focus on different exercises depending on each person’s needs..

People in these groups get amazing results despite the limitations and conditions they began with.


Questions we are often asked!

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Group training will save you money as the cost of a professional is spread over several people. This reduces the amount you normally would have to pay for the same amount of time.

Although the training is not designed for social function group training is a great way to meet new people: This is a perfect way to meet people who are interested in getting fit, just like you and have a similar outlook on life in regards to health and fitness

Training with others always helps you get motivated to come along. When you tell one of the other members you will see them at the next session it gives you a real reason to make sure you keep to your commitment.

Yes your group training together with what might be some diet modification will put you on the right path to lose those unwanted Kilograms.

Your consultation will touch on areas of your life such as diet, sleep, hydration, exercise work and more.

Yes, your self-esteem and personal well-being will improve and along with a good diet regime you will find your endorphins functioning at a whole new level. Very soon after starting with Sage Active Clinic you will notice many difference such as fitness, stamina, weight loss and better digestion and a general feeling of well-being.

Working out in a group can sometimes be better for physical and mental health than just working out alone. Participants who exercise in a group often experience better mental, physical and emotional quality of life than those who exercise on their own.

Group Training is a powerful way to exercise without having to think ahead or plan. Each class is structured with a gentle warm up and a balanced workout suited to you ending with a well-designed cool-down.

Training in a group is a great way to teach teamwork and accountability.

Working in a group environment encourages young athletes to inspire others, and teaches them leadership principles.

When you train with others you feel supported.

So, why not book a session today and get more out of life.

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